BJP gets into poll mode

BJP got into poll mode today with:

(i) Rajnath visiting RSS headquarters – To get blessings and guidance from RSS

(ii) NaMo addressing Bihar BJP workers for the first time post JD(U) split – Thundered that people of Bihar will teach JD(U) a lesson.

(iii) Amit Shah (NaMo confidante and elections incharge of UP) visiting Ram Lalla at Ayodhya – Once again re-iterated the demand for construction of Ram Temple.

The BJP has formulated a strategy to garner votes in next elections. While Modi would harp on development and economy to lure urban middle class, Rajnath / RSS would rake up its core issue of “Hindutava”. It is trying to wean back its core voter who left it as they felt that party compromised with its main plank.

The issue of Hindutava is important in Northern States and more so in UP which sends 80 MPs to Parliament. The party was 4th in UP (even behind Congress in 2009 general elections). With a four cornered contest in UP (SP, BSP, Congress, BJP) NaMo’s development plank alone will not work which has a history of caste based politics.

However, this time the “Ram Mandir” slogan is not expected to reach the same pitch as in early 1990s as the party is also parallely also trying to gain minority votes (party has set up a committee for the same).

The party hopes that development plank, Hindutava, anti incumbency and increased acceptance among minorities will get it home this time around. 

Is “Hindtava / Ram Temple” no longer an issue? Your thoughts please..


2 thoughts on “BJP gets into poll mode

  1. Hindutva / ram temple is not agenda this time or may not be agenda for many hindu voters . As this matter is going to be solved through legal process and it is currently within the four wall of higher court of this country . I don’t think these political parties have will power and numbers to address this issue with responsibility .

    Hindu voters respect Hindutva but may not have fanatic mind set like minorities because their thoughts are not powered by fanatic elements and driven by blind objectives ( hatred and minority committee vote bank agenda ) .

    They like to see their PM action and result oriented .

    Getting ready for poll is compulsion at this moment for all parties after declaration of Namo as campaign chief because they are nervous. It has made many nervous and it can be simply gauged through the madness in method of ruling party .they pushed the most important bill through ordnance route because they don’t want debate over it . There are many loophole and nobody address from ruling party how they are going to manage the leakages .

    Congress ( ruling party ) has lost its credibility and this time we like to see change because this country deserves better thing not the forced PM whose family and their political ambition has ruined this country .

    Jdu will loose because of polarization of votes and bjp workers will proove that they cam win despite ruling party secularism plank . I am surprise how much this 15 %
    Has become important to them after working many years with the support of 85 % and these 15 % never being loyal to one political party .

    Jai Hind !


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