Rebellion in Bihar BJP starts

As predicted, rebellion has started in state BJP unit in Bihar. One MLA has been suspended, and as per reports 9 more are threatening to quit. I have predicted in earlier posts that either JD(U) or BJP state unit will split, though, I admit that this might happen earlier than anticipated.

Many of state BJP leaders were in Cabinet / various committees and enjoyed positions of power. Now they are suddenly out of power and sitting in opposition. With state elections 2.5 years away, I can understand their difficulty / dilemma.

Nitish has been under fire since breaking up with BJP due to Bodhgaya blasts and mid day meal poisoning incident. After settling down, he has activated JD(U) state machinery to make inroads into BJP legislative unit knowing fully well that they are vulnerable.

BJP needs to keep its flock together for a good performance in next Lok Sabha Elections. Bihar accounts for 7% of Lok Sabha seats and is crucial for its claim to forming govt. at the center. Will it be able to do so? Only time will tell…


3 thoughts on “Rebellion in Bihar BJP starts

    1. @Paramendra So you mean to say that JD(U) with 30 seats will get support from Mulayam, Maya, Mamta and new friend Congress and become PM. What will Sharad Yadav do my dear? First and foremost the math you have done is horribly wrong. JD(U) current position is 20. His seats will reduce from 20 to 15 as per my calculations due to BJP votes going away from JD(U) and not all of Muslim votes (15% population) going to JD(U). Muslim votes will split between Congress, RJD and JD(U).


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