Most of the politicians we have currently can stand up as successful comedians in real life. Nitish, BJP’s friend turned foe termed the decision of BJP to anoint NaMo as “Vinashkaale viprit buddhi”. Nitishji why are you worried about BJP, please worry about JDU. JDU MLAs have already started singing praises of NaMo and as predicted by PoliticalBaba there will be exodus before or after polls and JDU will split vertically.

Then he said I knew from day one that BJP will appoint NaMo hence broke the coalition. His stand vindicated. Nitishji most political observers knew that hence it doesn’t make u astute astrologer as you are trying to make out. He accused BJP of dividing opposition forces. What? JDU divided opposition forces when it broke a 17 year old coalition. Opposition? Since when have you been in opposition? Felt JDU was with the govt (UPA).

He also said that in BJP there is no respect for elders (Advani). What happened to George Fernandes, Nitishji, where is he? He was the founder of Samata Party today JDU. He was forced to stand as an independent candidate in 2009 polls.

Nitishji you are behaving like the neighborhood aunty who is always more interested in how many marks you got in exams (instead of her children), what sort of clothes you are wearing, who is coming to pick / drop you up (boyfriends / girlfriends). Pls concentrate on JDU / your own child. The decision to break alliance will become your Vinashkaale viprit buddhi event. Just wait for elections. JDU bound to lose seats.