Debate No. 2: Should India move to a Presidential Form of Govt. (like in the US)?


With elections due in 2014, world’s biggest democracy India will vote for a new govt. Congress is feeling the heat because of corruption, price rise. BJP is projecting Modi, who many see as a polarizing figure. Regional stalwarts Mulayam, Maya, Mamata, Amma, Nitish are also day dreaming to become PM. As things stand now, it is highly unlikely that any political party or formation will get majority. A fractured mandate will result in uncertainty at a time when the country needs decisive governance.

It’s apt time to debate whether India should abandon the Westminster (President + Prime Minister) form of government and shift to the Presidential system. When you compare two systems: one that provides clarity to the voters about who they are electing to be their leader and what their policies are, against the second where confusion reigns supreme, which one would you prefer? Not an easy answer.


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