War of words between BJP and Congress heated up today on relief work in Uttarakhand with Sushma Swaraj tweeting for Vijay Bahuguna’s government dismissal. Manish Tewari of Congress rebutted the demand saying that she herself didn’t go to Uttarakhand and Congress government is doing a good job.

Petty politics over floods should be criticized. But what happened to Sushmaji. She is a very mature leader, what was the need to make such a tweet. Sushmaji is hurt over the way NaMo was appointed BJP election campaign chief (ignoring her). Further NaMo took credit for relief work in Uttarakhand by personally visiting the place and offering 24 helicopters (help rejected by Congress). She feels she is getting behind in the race for PM and possibly made such tweets for media attention.

Manish Tewari on the other hand is doing all this to be in good books of Rahul Baba and get…

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