CBI today filed its chargesheet in Ishrat Jahan case and termed it as a fake encounter. It named 7 police officers as accused in the case. While acknowledging that 3 persons killed along with Ishrat were terrorists, it remained silent on whether Ishrat had terrorist links or not. So it does not answer one of the key questions.

The chargesheet keeps both Congress and BJP happy. Congress is happy that the encounter was termed as fake. BJP is happy that NaMo / Amit Shah have not been named, Ishrat was not a terrorist is not explicitly stated and the operation was termed as a joint operation of Gujarat Police and IB, essentially maintaining that, if it was fake both Center and State Govt. were to be blamed equally.

Your thoughts on:
(i) Even if Ishrat was a terrorist, was it proper to kill her in an encounter?
(ii) There have been so many fake encounters in Andhra…

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