BJP ends stalemate, appoints Dr. Harshvardhan as Delhi CM candidate, rattles Kejriwal

BJP ended stalemate over its Delhi CM candidate by announcing Dr. Harshvardhan’s name. The same was supported by state President Vijay Goel, who was the other top contender. Harshvardhan has a good clean image and is expected to tackle Aam Aadmi Party’s growing popularity. This ended weeks of speculation as presented in earlier post below.

The announcement has rattled Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal. He stopped short of saying, how can BJP anoint an honest person, I am the only honest person in Delhi. He added that Dr. had supported Shiela Dixit in a program some years ago. AK, haven’t you voted for any political party earlier (before you formed your own party). Does that mean that you support that party? Grow up.

He accused Harshvardhan of not doing enough to make Municipal Corporation of Delhi corruption free. AK, you were in Income Tax Department earlier. What steps did you take to reduce corruption there? Stop blaming politicians, and at least the honest ones, for every wrong thing. Your friend and ally, Dr, Vishwas, like you, has taken a foolish decision to contest against the Dr. Jamanat japt ho jayegi, pls save him. By the way, is he a member of your party? He had earlier said that he is not part of AAP. Whatever, it’s your internal matter.

AAP has got nervous. Dr.’s anointment has rejuvenated BJP cadre and Vijay Goel must have been offered a Cabinet berth if NDA comes to power at Center, so he is motivated to ensure BJP’s victory. Now it’s between two honest men, Harshvardhan and Arvind. Let’s see whom people chose. Interesting fight! May the best man win! AK don’t go by Dr’s mild manners, he has the similar middle class appeal to his persona.



4 thoughts on “BJP ends stalemate, appoints Dr. Harshvardhan as Delhi CM candidate, rattles Kejriwal

  1. Kamraj Plan is now Scam-raj Plan !

    Some 50 years ago , Congress President , Kamraj Nadar realized that the ideals on which Congress was founded , were decaying. Congress had started rotting from within because of power-hungry politicians

    So he came up with “ Kamraj Plan “, under which , senior congress leaders were required to resign from their ministerial posts and devote themselves to re-vitalizing the party

    Six Union Ministers and six State Chief Ministers resigned

    50 years later , the current version of Kamraj Plan is “ Scam-raj Plan “ !

    Under this new “ Scam-raj Plan “ ,

     Ministers need not resign as long as they are involved in no more than one scam at a time

     Ministers may ignore any adverse comments made against them , either by CAG or by Supreme Court

     Ministers shall conveniently misplace / lose , scam related files

     Ministers may continue to chair GoM appointed to investigate irregularities of their own ministries

     Ministers shall have triple reporting relationships , viz :

    • Congress President

    • Congress Vice President

    • Prime Minister

    ( strictly in that order ! )

     Ministers shall not hesitate to appoint their near-and-dear relatives to sundry Government posts , as Chair-persons

     Ministers shall ensure that all Government contracts / orders above Rs 100 crores , are mandatorily given out to each other’s relatives , in a quid-pro-quo basis , without fear or favour !

    All cases to be decided on the basis of “ merit “ alone – that is whether the relative is a son / daughter / wife or a cousin , with family members getting bigger orders

    Then there are many other minor “ Dos and Don’ts “ which readers may wish to add , by way of comments / replies

    Who authored this “ Scam-raj “ plan ?

    That is a “ Scam Raaz “ ! Relevant file is missing !

    • hemen parekh ( 30 Oct 2013 )


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