Rahul’s “saas-bahu” opera continues in election speeches


RaGa seems to have missed the bus as far as election speeches are concerned. He thinks India is still a backward state, people illiterate and he can get votes on the same emotive speeches his forefathers used to get. Rajiv got votes in Indira’s name, Indira got votes in Nehru’s name, Nehru got votes in Mahatma’s name.

At a rally in tribal-dominated Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh, he said his mother (Sonia) cried after she could not cast her vote during the crucial debate on Food Security Bill in Parliament as she was fighting for the Bill for years. Very true Rahul, the bill was part of Congress manifesto in 2009. So suspect she must have been crying for the past 4.5 yrs or so. Or was she crying because of the pain? You and your mother are raja of the party. Why do you need to vote? Your chelas would…

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