BJP ended stalemate over its Delhi CM candidate by announcing Dr. Harshvardhan’s name. The same was supported by state President Vijay Goel, who was the other top contender. Harshvardhan has a good clean image and is expected to tackle Aam Aadmi Party’s growing popularity. This ended weeks of speculation as presented in earlier post below.


The announcement has rattled Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal. He stopped short of saying, how can BJP anoint an honest person, I am the only honest person in Delhi. He added that Dr. had supported Shiela Dixit in a program some years ago. AK, haven’t you voted for any political party earlier (before you formed your own party). Does that mean that you support that party? Grow up.

He accused Harshvardhan of not doing enough to make Municipal Corporation of Delhi corruption free. AK, you were in Income Tax Department earlier. What steps…

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