Amartya Sen, Nobel laureate, is the latest to join the anti NaMo brigade. In an interview, when asked whether he would like to see NaMo as PM, he said that he wants a more secular person as PM. He would not like a person who generates fear among minorities. The PM will be decided by the people of India and not you. However, you have every right of opinion.

Please answer a few questions:

(i)             Do you belong to minority community? – No

(ii)            Are you a spokesperson of the community? – No

(iii)           How do you know that he instils fear among them? Who told you? – Please quote your source.

(iv)           What do you mean by “more secular”? How much more? It seems you agree that he is secular but not to the degree of your liking?

Don’t try to vitiate the atmosphere. In the 2012 Gujarat state…

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