Lalu stated in a rally in UP recently that NaMo wave is sweeping the country. Credit should be given for his frank admission. At least he is better than Congress which says it doesn’t given any importance to NaMo, however, its spokespersons spend sleepless nights analyzing / tearing apart each of NaMo’s comments.

He also stated that Adavni and NaMo can never become PM and praised Rahul. Laluji kitne besharm hain aap. You supported UPA I, were the Railway minister. You supported UPA II too, but they dumped you. Didn’t make you minister. Phir bhi aap chamchagiri se bbaz nahin aate. Now with JD(U) dumping BJP and sending overtures to Congress, if Congress comes back to power, apka Mantri hone ka number phir nahin aayaega.

But you are an astute politician. You might support BJP post elections. At least that’s what Ram Jethmalani claims. He has saved you in a…

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