Modi carried out one of the biggest rallies in recent history in Patna last week. Estimates range from 3-10 lakhs. Minimum attendance would have been 1 lakh if not more. That was commendable considering that blasts rocked the city before the rally. This was the first time NaMo was holding a rally in Bihar after partner of 17 years JDU parted ways with BJP in June 2013. When BJP – JDU were in power, Nitish Kumar (NiKu) didn’t let NaMo hold rallies in Bihar and threatened split.

NaMo in his usual style took on his former ally and current CM Nitish Kumar (NiKu). He said that NiKu has betrayed the people of Bihar not only BJP. Very true. JDU won the elections in an alliance with BJP. When JDU broke the alliance, NiKu should have morally resigned and seeked a re-election. Phat jaati thi, so he is carrying on. He even forgot that he was made CM despite BJP MLAs being more in mumber.

NiKu is feeling the heat. First Bodhgaya blasts, then mid day meal tragedy and then blasts on the day of NaMo’s rally, clearly signaled that he is not in full control of situation and busy day dreaming to become PM. Plus personal jealousy against NaMo is killing him from inside. You have to give this to NiKu, NiKu feels that why should NaMo be PM when is just the CM of a state with 20 odd MPs, even he has 20 MPs and is a CM, so why can’t he become CM. Human nature can’t blame him. It is similar to a situation if your batch mate becomes your boss, would you like it, of course no. NiKu and other CMs Mamata, Patnaik, Amma suffer from this jealousy. Arre NiKu bhaiyya, he is the PM designate of a party which would get 200 seats, while your party will not even get 10 seats, did you get the difference now. Apni aukat pehchanoo. Public mood in Bihar already against you, blasts added fuel to the fire, plus your internal party rebellion is not letting you sleep.

Modi played to the gallery and brought in his humble roots (chaiwallah’s son). This is expected to help BJP as he seems to have become a source of inspiration of today’s youth. People have realized that Rahul has no other qualification than “Gandhi” tag. And he is one of the few leaders who is openly taking on the Gandhi family.

Will the turnout at rallies translate into votes is the big question. A lot of people might just be coming out of curiosity, critics would say. This time it seems will be different and he would lead BJP to good no. of seats in Bihar as his middle class background and OBC status will help BJP.