As per estimates made by CNN-IBN, The Week and CSDS Pre-Poll survey, BJP led NDA is expected to bag 187-195 seats in the next Lok Sabha polls. In July 13, they had predicted 172-180 seats. NaMo PM designate anointment seems to be doing the trick. It is noted that NDA won 159 seats in 2009, so it is +35 seats from then.

On the other had UPA which bagged 262 seats in 2009 is expected to drop to 134-152 seats, -110 seats for them. In July they had predicted 149-157. As NaMo juggernaut rolls, the nos. of UPA will go down and NDA will go up.

As per Political Baba all India projections published in Sep. 2013, NDA is expected to bag 205 and UPA 128 seats. So CNN-IBN has still to do some catching up. Times Now is also catching up. Political Baba maintains its projections and will revise…

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