Under fire from public after a series of blasts in Patna which left <10 killed and 100s injured and rattled by strong crowd at BJP’s Patna rally, Nitish took pot shots at Modi in his party convention.

NiKu pointed out that Taxila was not in Bihar (correct), Modi had said that Taxila and Nalanda are two important seats of learning based in Bihar. He also pointed out that Chandragupta was from Maurya dynasty and not Gupta dynasty (couldn’t get the right answer, internet has both). Shabaas NiKu aap 5th standard ki history / geography pariktcha mein pass ho gaye.

Getting personal he said that NaMo’s PM dream will remain a dream and someone desperate to become PM cannot lead the country. NiKu since when has the country given authority to you to select PM. PM will be elected by people of this country. Speaking of desperation, you seem to be more desperate but you recognize that you don’t have the numbers.

He blasted Modi for going ahead with the rally even after the blasts and putting life of people at risk. NiKu its your govt. in Bihar? Why didn’t you ban the rally? Do you have the courage? What would have happened if crowd went berserk. You should be thankful to BJP leaders who handled the situation very well and didn’t mention blasts in their speeches. They could have done it to gain sympathy.

NiKu went on to say that he was not responsible for blasts and no intelligence input was recd (safed jhooth). IB confirmed later that they had sent alert to Bihar govt. Of course he would not have deliberately been lax about BJP rally but whatever happened helped Namo and created a sympathy wave for him.

Taking a dig at crowds he said that his party’s rallies attracted higher crowds. Mr Nitish these were joint rallies and hence you got more people. Ab rally kar ke dikhao. Kitne log aate hain.

Nitish losing his cool as he can see the end of his dream to become PM, his seats expected to halve and his party to split. He can see the inevitable and can’t do anything to change it. Feel sorry for you, par tumne to apne pair pe hi kulhaadi maari hai. All the best!

State ki chinta karo. Law and order is in shambles. Terrorist cells are on the rise. Leave worrying about NaMo.