JDU suffering from criticisms for blasts in Patna ahead of Modi’s rally, faced internal criticism of party leaders at its national convention in Rajgir recently.

Shivanand Tiwary, former spokesperson of JDU, criticized NiKu’s style of functioning and asked him why he was jealous of Modi. He said that the combination was working fine and decision to split was due to national issues. He said that he admired Modi because of his humble background.

He was not alone, state agriculture minister Narendra Singh also criticized his senior leadership. There is a simmering rebellion in JDU after it parted ways with BJP. JDU has already suspended a former influential minister and two MPS for anti party activities. As day nears to election and NaMo wave increases more and more people from JDU will join BJP (who doesn’t want to be on winning side). Plus JDU is a congregation of leaders who left parties like RJD, Congress etc., essentially a bhagoda party.

Tiwari who praised Namo till very recently criticized him vehemently and was earlier part of Lalu’s party. He was recently removed from party spokesperson and his Rajya Sabha seat is falling vacant. Unlikely to be re-nominated. That is why could be looking for greener pastures in BJP.

A big section of party led by Sharad Yadav was not in favour of split with BJP and could end up supporting BJP if its forming govt. at the center. Mark my words! Infact BJP could form govt. in Bihar backed by 1/3rd MLAs of JDU (required for a split) and BJP could make its Muslim face Shahnawaz Hussain as CM.