Modi met Patna blast victim’s kin yesterday. These people were killed the day when bomb blasts rocked the city on the day of NaMo’s rally. Opposition parties – state JDU and national Congress – criticized the move as cheap publicity gimmick. The state CM didn’t meet the victims and didn’t announce any compensation, why would he, they were BJP supporters. Then they have the balls to say all this is for votes. When MMS, Sonia and Rahul visit Muzaffarnagar it is for listening to victim’s woes and when Namo visits it is for votes.

Another criticism is that he came with > 1,000 Gujarat officers, security and so much media hype. He is on the hit list of terrorist organizations and even an IB official admitted that he faces maximum threat in the country. When national damaad Raabert can roam around with SPG, NaMo deserves better higher security, even his detractors would agree. Critics say that he has started a wrong trend. He has not started it. It has been followed on for years by Congress and other parties. He is just adopting the same. If minorities were killed NiKu and MMS / Sonia / Rahul would have rushed to the spot.  

JDU leader S. Tiwary, who had heaped praise on Modi at JDU’s national convention, said that Modi’s moves could lead to riots. Riots how? By whom? If so, dare to arrest him. It’s your govt.’s job to prevent riots not his. UP has had 100s of riots without him holding a single rally. Don’t blame him for everything.

As Chetan Bhagat put in one of his tweets, NaMo dictates agenda. He makes a statement and everybody pounces on him, television channels debate it, spokespersons of opposition parties condemn it trash it. He is smiling. This way he is driving the poll campaign of all parties. Everybody is so busy with NaMo bashing that they have forgotten to tell people about their agenda, manifesto and achievements. NiKu and JDU are doomed. BJP gets the sympathy wave for sure.

Is he doing the media bit too much, taking media along wherever he goes and even speaking to victim’s kin where he couldn’t visit on the phone in front of media. At least what he is speaking is known publicly and he is not holding secrete parleys. Will Congress dare to do this when visiting minority victims in Muzaffarnagar?

All in all NaMo wave evident at least in Bihar, blasts have helped BJP cause.