Addressing an election rally in Indore, Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) claimed that Pakistani intelligence agencies ISI were trying to lure some victims of the Muzaffarnagar riots into joining terror. He also blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party for Muzaffarnagar riots. 

BJP, SP, Muslim organizations condemned the statement. Ministry of Home did not pass on any such info. to the UP govt. NaMo took on RaGa for this statement and demanded an apology.

BJP cried that how come Intelligence Bureau passed on info. to RaGa when he is not the PM or Home Minister and doesn’t hold any official position. How foolish sometimes BJP leaders seem to appear? You PM candidate calls RaGa “shehzada” and you don’t know that as a prince he is entitled to this privy info. as he is above PM and HM.

NaMo questioned the credibility of RaGa’s statement. He said that if RaGa knew that ISI is doing such thing what has govt. done to prevent it. NaMoji govt. has done nothing. It will say it is the responsibility of state govt. while SP will say it is the responsibility of central govt. When govt. can’t do anything when soldiers are killed on LoC what can it do in this case.

BJP also wrote to Election Commission complaining about Rahul for spreading communal hatred across India. EC has issued a notice to RaGa in this behalf. SP also criticized RaGa for giving innocent Muslims the tag of terrorists.

The bigger issue here is to what extent can Congress and RaGa go to get votes. He is actually then justifying terrorism in the bard of riots. Stop this minority appeasement as even Muslims understand this now.  The other issue is the high pitch election campaign. First Congress and allies accused NaMo of spreading lies – GDP growth, Sardar Patel funeral, Taxila in Patna etc. You have to give it to NaMo that these were factual errors, where RaGa’s case is a case of blatant lie to get sympathy.

Appeal to both leaders to have good quality debates centered on development and growth and not spread communal hatred and sell lie stories. Stop this appeasement BaBa, majority Hindus are liberals but majority cannot live like minority in a country. In India live Indians, don’t try to divide. Appeal to Muslims to be extra cautious when giving their votes this time. TIme demands change.