Annetbell is a fellow blogger and keen follower of Indian Political Landscape and Political Baba. She is a retired elementary teacher and a enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India.
She lived in Ahmedabad for four months and is pro-Modi after traveling around incredible India for a month. Her husband says she should be Mr. Modi’s American campaign manager! A crazy old white American woman in love with India and Modi, here’s what she has written on the “PHENOMENON MODI”. Interesting Read!



Opinionated Man( is asking for posts from people who value the importance of voicing his/her opinion. So here sits this white, American woman talking about Mr. Modi, the current Chief Minister in Gujarat, India! Why you might ask?  We stayed in Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat, for four months.  India is just on the precipice, poised to either soar to the heavens or continue in timidity while  remaining under  the control of a royal family!  What, the British handed over the country in 1947, you might say?  But when they left, the Nehru/Gandhi family was there to step in. More about them later.

First, I want to introduce Mr. Modi to you.  From the picture you can see his vision and though words are cheap, he has lived by them.  He was born in Gujarat into a lower, middle class family. His first entrance into business was with his…

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