Congress which is in shambles ahead of the next Lok Sabha elections (corruption scandals, NaMonia, anti incumbency, rudderless leaders) has got scared with opinion polls. All opinion polls are predicting a complete rout for the Congress. Feared that this will impact the voting pattern of undecided voters and Congress voters (who might make a mind change) they have asked for a complete ban on the same. This has sparked a controversy regarding the freedom of the press and has been termed as undemocratic.

I agree with Congress viewpoint that these polls are not scientific and a small sample size cannot depict the entire story. It is a guess estimate of the outcome based on trends, sample etc. and is no good than anybody else’s guess. Like, Political Baba projections are not based on any sample but gut feel, intuition, estimates based on knowledge of the political landscape etc. are in no way inferior to these polls.

But this is precisely the point. If they don’t represent the full sample size, there is a high chance that their results will be wrong, then why is Congress worried. Congress is worried that this will impact the undecided voters. Could be. We all have friends in our groups who don’t have any opinion / choice of their own and go by the majority. Eg. You go to a restaurant and ask this person what he / she will have. Kuch Bhi, jo sab kha rahje hain types. But such people are not a big chunk. Further, none of the surveys predict a majority for any party, this should cool the Congress and makes its allegations of polls being rigged wrong.

Actually, as per internal intelligence surveys by the govt, BJP is expected to get a clear majority. This is what has triggered this move. Currently NDA seats have gone up from 140-180 in all surveys and might go up if NaMo juggernaut rolls well, this has instilled fear in Congress.

Of course this is not a healthy trend, they want to ban opinion polls, next could be twitter, facebook, blogs etc. This party is capable of doing this, recall Emergency during Indira. They can ban all these but can they ban opinions / views, impossible. Infact these moves will turn counterproductive. Opinion polls have been in India for some time now, so why this sudden realization that they are bad. Opinion polls or no opinion polls results not expected to change.

Insiders say that next on target is the name “Pappu”. Rahul is upset at this nick name being attributed to him and wants this name banned. From retrospective effect? Yes. So my dear friends named “Pappu” (this is a pretty common name) look for a new alternate name. Fast.

On a lighter note: Grandfather on dining table says to his grandson – Pappu finish your food. Grandson gets up in angry mood says “Dadaji, aap mujhe pappu nahin boliye” and leaves his food in a huff.

Your thoughts please…