BJP demands SPG cover for Modi, Cong ridicules demand


After the Patna bomb blasts and Modi prominently featuring in terrorist org. hit list as per intelligence agencies, BJP has demanded that his security be beefed up. They have demanded SPG (Special Protection Group) security for him which is available to PM, ex-PM and their families. National Security Guards is responsible for Modi’s security.

To be fair to Congress, SPG cannot be given to a PM aspirant as he is not eligible. If they do this they will have to give SPG security to PM candidates of all parties.  Not denying the threat, it is in Congress interests that NaMo be given adequate security. Any untoward incident will further popularize Modi.

BJP has criticized Congress and said that UPA govt has extended the SPG cover for Sonia and her family by another 5 years and it is being partisan to Modi. Fair point, if that’s the case why didn’t Vajpayee…

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