Omar Abdullah seems to be the next politician in awe of NaMo juggernaut. Recently he admitted that there is a NaMo effect on the BJP cadre. He however stressed that to say that there is a NaMo wave in the country will be an “exaggeration”. Confused statement, wave but no wave. But why are you afraid? You will anyways win 2-3 seats in J&K. Congress should be worried. Your party is not married to Congress even after you hinted a pre-poll alliance.  If Congress loses you can change the group. I am sure you will be able to give a damn good explanation to your voters as to why you are supporting BJP. Voters bewakoof hote hain, tum unhe mana lena.

You along with father Farooq are seasoned politicians and will support whoever gets majority / forms govt.

Is he trying to keep channels open with NDA post elections by this statement? Could be! Be reminded that he was a minister of state in Vajpayee’s govt. and continued to be a minister even after Godhra riots.