Kejriwal courts controversy meets fatwa Cleric; will it turn out to be a big blunder

Aam AAdmi Party chief Kejriwal recently met Maulana Taufeeq Raza Khan in Bareily to drum up support for his party. The Muslim cleric is alleged to have been behind fatwas issued on Tasleema Nasreen (5 lakhs) and George Bush (25 crores). The party with a difference and the party which claims to be apolitical and non-communal has started acquiring traits of existing political parties. And getting into the trap of minority appeasement politics. 

This has disturbed even the staunchest supporters of Kejriwal. I know of a lot of voters in Delhi who though would vote for BJP in Lok Sabha, want to give AAP a chance in Delhi state assembly elections. Not sure if this is still the case.

After the controversy raked up, Kejriwal clarified that he didn’t know of the fatwa issue. Some unconfirmed statements attributed to him and party speak of 17% reservation to Muslims if AAP comes to power. Even the most liberal of Hindus have become fed up of appeasement politics and this uncalled for meeting has the potential of diverting middle class Hindu votes towards BJP. This along with the fact that another honest image politician Dr. Harshvardhan has been made BJP CM candidate could play spoil sport to AAP chances.

Has AAP and Kejriwal committed hara-kiri through this controversy? Your thoughts please….


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