Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is giving a headache to not only Congress and BJP in Delhi; it is also becoming a pain for poll pundits (including Political Baba). How many seats will they get? Right from forming govt. (claimed by AAP) to kingmaker to flop show, they have got all tags. Good for them, in this exercise they are getting all media attention. The BJP was in disarray with no declared CM candidate, state President Vijay Goel who seemed to be the front runner didn’t have a good image. Kejriwal took advantage of the situation, raked up corruption and ill governance of Shiela and captured the main opposition space to get anti incumbency cotes.  So much so that it seemed to be a Congress vs AAP contest.

Two events changed this game plan – (i) massive NaMo rally in Delhi which rejuvenated and united BJP cadre and (ii) announcement…

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