Congress worried with the NaMo blitz on TV, press and social media has started getting goose bumps. It is trying to curb freedom of speech / press. Some recent directives / actions point towards the same.

(i) Ban on opinion polls. Flustered by each poll showing a complete rout in assembly and Lok sabha polls Congress has sought a ban on them citing that it is unscientific and can be manipulated. Link of blog post on the same:

This was followed by ban on opinions that too of legendary Lataji.

(ii) Directive to media to give adequate coverage to PM and his speech / conferences. It may be recalled that all channels telecasted NaMo’s Independence Day speech in which he took on MMS and Congress. Link of blog post on the same:

Rattled by the popularity of his speech and extensive coverage devoted to all his rallies where turnout is 6-8 times that of MMS / Rahul’s rallies, Congress has taken this step. Logic, PM is an institution and doesn’t belong to any party, needs to be given adequate respect.

Why blame media? It will telecast what people like. And truth is even staunchest Congress supporters would rather listen to Modi than Manmohan. But what will happen if Rahul or Sonia is holding rallies on the same day as PM speech / rally. Only MMS speech will be covered. Gandhi family will get angry. Manish Tewari (I&B minister) you should have thought about it. Now you are screwed. Make an amendment to the directive.

Where are we headed to? Who is providing such bull consultancy to Congress that only way to stop NaMo juggernaut is to stop his media coverage. Be reminded that it is the same Congress which under imposed Emergency in late 1970s, so it is capable of enforcing bans without any consideration for democracy. But Congress should realize that it is not 1970s, media / press / social media is today very powerful and theoretically impossible to curb.

Political Baba condemns any such act to undermine people’s freedom of speech.