Congress spokespersons have continued with their tirade against supporters of Modi.  The latest person on whom their ire has fallen is noted singer Lataji. Modi was the chief guest in Pune for inauguration of a super specialty hospital owned by Mangeshkar family. She stated that she would love to see NaMo as PM. It was a strictly her personal view and she was not eliciting any support for NaMo.


Congress hit back and hit back in a personal way to Lataji.

Meem Afzal (spokesperson) stated that her remark is a personal opinion and any political significance should not be assumed. True. However, he hit below the belt by saying that Lataji as a Rajya Sabha MP never spoke in Parliament and this is reflective of her political knowledge. Who made her MP Afzalji? Congress. When she is singing opposition parties  tune you attack her. He added that artists can attract crowds but are not motivators for votes. She didn’t mean to entice people to vote.

Another spokesperson Bhakta Charan Das responsible for Unnao gold hunt (and people say BJP is a party of sants and sadhus) said that there is pain and sensitivity in the voice of Lataji and when she says something like this for an insensitive person like NaMo, the entire country feels the pain. Entire country, since when Bhakta you started representing the country. Ok you meant Congress party is feeling the pain, of course Congress will as she didn’t praise Rahul. And even Congress doesn’t represent entire country feelings.

Congress has undermined and castigated many constitutional bodies (Comptroller and Auditor General, Central Bureau of Investigation) and is now also ridiculing institutions (who people irrespective of caste / creed like). These actions will dent popularity of Congress further I feel. This is also linked to its demand of ban on opinion polls. Link below on subject:

After opinion polls it seems Congress wants to ban opinions as well. Grow up.