US has no choice but to engage with Modi if he becomes PM. If no visa for Modi there could be no visa for Obama. The two of the world’s largest democracies need to work together.



Those  who have been following my posts as the self-proclaimed American campaign manager for Mr. Modi, know that the US has denied him a visa to visit America. Yes, that decision  was made in 2005  based on the unproven allegations that he was complacent  during  the 20o2 riots, where sadly, many Muslims were killed after many Hindus were burned alive on a train.  Well, the US and Indian awkwardly  have  added a new step to the Modi Dance!

Last week, Mr. Modi addressed Indian Expats via video conference that was shown in  18 American cities. He addressed his views and work on global warming, solar power, malnutrition, and the building of the Unity Statue which will be in Gujarat and the tallest statue in the world.  He applauded the Indians living in America for their success and worldwide contributions, and he did not mention why he was not addressing them…

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