Chidambaram, one of the intelligent and sane men in the UPA cabinet recently admitted in an interview that Modi is a challenge for Congress in next Lok Sabha polls. He is one of the men who can be PM material (but family wont make him, his intelligence wil be a disadvantage, they want lame ducks) and coming from him is an honest admission of ground realities. NaMo is making a whirlwind tour of India, is gaining acceptance and is getting 6-8 times the crowd Congress PM aspirant Rahul is getting. Thanks Chidu, your party so far has been dismissive of Namo though day in and out they keep a close tab on him / his speech and activities. You showed your sportsman spirit. Even govts. abroad – US, UK, Germany etc. are acknowledging his presence now.

The next day, Home Minister and Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha, Sushil Kumar…

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