Chidambaram, one of the intelligent and sane men in the UPA cabinet recently admitted in an interview that Modi is a challenge for Congress in next Lok Sabha polls. He is one of the men who can be PM material (but family wont make him, his intelligence wil be a disadvantage, they want lame ducks) and coming from him is an honest admission of ground realities. NaMo is making a whirlwind tour of India, is gaining acceptance and is getting 6-8 times the crowd Congress PM aspirant Rahul is getting. Thanks Chidu, your party so far has been dismissive of Namo though day in and out they keep a close tab on him / his speech and activities. You showed your sportsman spirit. Even govts. abroad – US, UK, Germany etc. are acknowledging his presence now.

The next day, Home Minister and Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha, Sushil Kumar Shinde, dismissed Chidu’s statement and said that Namo is no match for Congress. He stressed that the party has been there for 125 years and is difficult to be dislodged. Basically singing the family jingle. Be mindful Shinde is in race for PM post if UPA comes back to power. Shindeji all your spokespersons day in day out 24×7 are talking only about Modi picking up loopholes in all his speeches and you say NaMo is not a challenge. Who are you fooling? Probably yourself.

This shows the massive differences within Congress on how to tackle the NaMo wave and they say there is infighting among BJP. Take him seriously or take him lightly NaMo has arrived and caught public imagination. The juggernaut is rolling and could create history. Only time will tell….