Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has decided not to have any pre-poll alliances for Lok Sabha Elections. Mayawati announced this move despite Congress overtures and favours. CBI closed a disproportionate assets case against her for lack of evidence. UPA govt. recently allotted her four bunglows (1 as MP and three for her trust) in posh locality in Delhi. But to no avail. She is a maverick and very unreliable. She feels that these favours were given by Congress for her past support to UPA govt. in crisis and were well deserved / due. She knows that while BSP votes are transferred to alliance partners, BSP is not able to get ally’s votes. Hence no alliance. Smart move.

She wants to keep her options open post the elections with hung house prediction. Maya is day dreaming to be PM of Third / Fourth Front with backing of Congress. She might also support BJP if she feels no other combination can form govt. Basically no ideology. Only craving for power.

She has formed govts. in Uttar Pradesh in the past with BJP support, however the relationship soured in the end. But in politics there are no permanent enemies. She can’t afford to take panga with govt. at the center and could even support BJP if that is the case.

The messiah of Dalits is now amongst the richest politicians in India with many corruption allegations cases against her. Her national ambitions could only remain ambitions and she will continue to be used by national parties for their benefit.