Congress and BJP are in a war of words lately {Modi vs (Rahul, Manmohan & Sonia) spat happen on a daily basis} and this election is likely to witness the bloodiest battle ever. On one side is the Gandhi family which has not been challenged so openly in any elections, on the other side is Modi led BJP who sees this as an opportune moment to create history taking advantage of the huge anti incumbency against ruling Congress. Result – accusations, counter allegations, hitting below the belt, lies, goof ups, gaffes etc.

While Rahul and Sonia don’t speak much (it is speculated that Madam doesn’t know Hindi and reads from English text), Modi speaks a lot. He is holding rallies on a weekly basis and is drawing crowds 6-8 times more than Gandhi family. This has emboldened him. And he is perhaps the only politician after Subramanium Swamy who is…

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