Snooping of a young woman in Gujarat in 2009 has brought Gujarat govt. under scanner. Cobrapost (Anirudh Behl of Tehelka fame who parted ways) and Gulail gave reference to tapes with CBI which have Modi right hand Amit Shah instructing ATS to keep a vigil on her. They also gave a disclaimer that they have not verified or authenticated the tapes. Congress lapped up the issue and demanded inquiry. National Commission for Women (NCW) also swung into action.

Now who is this “sahib”? Rajnath blundered by admitting reference to Modi in one of his statements. In the meanwhile father of the girl wrote to NCW that he had asked Modi for help to protect her daughter. Congress threw its ladies who held a press conference (Teen Deviyan) Rita Bahuguna, Jayanti Natrajan and Girija Vyas (thank god it didn’t send joker Renuka Choudhary) who lambasted Modi and Gujarat govt. and thundered that people are not safe and secure in Gujarat and it is encroachment of her privacy.


Where were these women when Nirbhaya was raped and when day in and day out women are raped in their own Congress ruled state of Delhi? And where were these women in case of recent Tehelka case, never heard them having a dharna etc.

What appalls me is that Congress govt. which is snooping entire population’s emails, sms and social media forums is leveling this allegation. That too, when no complaint has come from either girl or her parents. Neither CBI which allegedly has the tapes made any investigation in this regard. 

Congress is banking on another stooge (after Sanjiv Bhat) disgruntled cop, Pradeep Sharma, who accused Modi and Shah of framing cases since he had knowledge of “saheb’s” proximity with the girl. BJP has said that he was stalking the girl that’s why girl got protection from Gujarat govt.

More dirt over character assassination of NaMo will follow as he gains popularity. More he is targeted more he will become popular.

Following questions dent this frivolous allegation:

  • Why has CBI not taken any action in this matter when it has these tapes?
  • Why has the girl not complained to NCW?
  • Why have the parents not complained to NCW?
  • Who is funding Tarun Tejpal’s friend turned foe Behl’s Cobrapost?
  • If there is enough ammunition why has NCW not taken any suo motto action?

These “snooping” allegations feel are baseless and politically motivated. What do you say guys?