Tarun Tejpal embroiled in sexual assault case of his junior journalist has accused the Goa BJP govt. of witch-hunt. He approached courts for transfer of case to other some other state as he feared impartial investigations will not take place in Goa. It may be recalled that Tejpal got fame from a sting operation he carried in 2003 where BJP President Bangaru Laxman was caught on tape accepting cash. BJP accused Tehelka of being a Congress sympathizer and laying an honey trap for its President who was ultimately sacked. Kapil Sibal’s funding of Tehelka and holding shares confirms this allegation.


This accusation sounded childish. Rape victim’s statement confirmed sexual assault. BJP accused Congress of shielding Tejpal. If Goa police would have delayed FIR, Congress would have accused them of partiality. Teen deviyan of Congress (Rita, Jayanti and Girija) who held a press conference on snooping allegations in Gujarat conspicuously remained…

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