After Sikh, Rahul now wants tribal to become Prime Minister


Rahul in one of the election rallies has come up with another of his wishlist – he wants to see a tribal  become the Prime Minister of the country. You would ask who is he to determine who will be the PM, friends he is the “yuvraj” of the country and can make whoever he / mother wishes as the PM. They have demonstrated this by making Manmohan Singh the PM. A Sikh as PM was also responsible for largely eliminating the community’s animosity towards Congress because of the Sikh riots.

Does Congress have such tall tribal leaders? In 60 years post independence they have not built / developed a single tribal leader. The tallest of them was P.A. Sangma who is now not with Congress. The statement also brings to the fore Gandhi’s dislike for post of PM and their craving for the post of UPA Chairman. Who will want to be PM if you have more power in becoming UPA Chairman? All power no responsibility.


Congress made an independent MLA and tribal leader Madhu Koda the CM in Jharkhand. He was perhaps the only independent MLA in history of India to be CM. Madhu Koda looted the state all under the eyes of Congress and was later arrested for thousands of crores of scams. Congress feigned ignorance. Wtf? You made him CM and you didn’t know what he was upto. Or did you deliberately made this tribal the CM to do whatever you wanted as you had the remote control?


Do you now want to do the same by making tribal a PM? God save India….



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