In a rally at Jammu, Modi gave a call for a national debate on “Article 370”.This has sparked a row not only among opposition parties but also within BJP.


BJP is known to be against Article 370 and its manifestos in the past have clearly stated that it would repeal the article if it came to power. Modi’s debate call sent rumors ticking that there is a re-think in BJP on the same. It was also felt that Modi is trying to create a space / niche for himself bigger than BJP.

When Modi was declared PM candidate, it was rumored that RSS had supported him only on the condition that Modi will make Hindutava one of the main election planks of BJP. So far he has been silent on Hindutava and Ram Temple. That’s why 370 debate call was seen as an attempt to enhance his image in eyes of public. However, Rajnath Singh (President BJP) later clarified that there is no re-think on Article 370 and his statement was blown out of context. Rajnath added that if Sardar Patel had negotiated the Kashmir issue, the problem would not have arisen.

Digvijay Singh of Congress attacked Modi and said that he should debate the same within BJP / RSS and Congress stand on the same is clear. Other opposition parties have called it as a stunt to vitiate the atmosphere in the valley. Omar Abdullah criticized the call and said that Article is an integral part of constitution. He forgot that he was a Minister in Vajpayee Govt. of BJP which backed repeal of the article (double standards).


Article 370 grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Indian citizens from other states and women from Jammu & Kashmir who marry men from other states cannot purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir.

BJP is against Article 370 as it feels the Article is against the basic fabric of “One & United India”. As per historians, barring Nehru, all Congress leaders, including Sardar Patel were against granting special status to the Jammu and Kashmir. They argued that it was Maharaja Hari Singh who rushed to India for help, when tribesmen backed by Pakistani army invaded J&K. Given the circumstances no special status should have been accorded to J&K.

Feel if the law was not in place, people from other states would have moved into J&K, people from J&K would have moved into other states and mingled with rest of India population and J&K today would have been a different story. The Article 370 is one of the main reasons for backwardness of J&K which is bereft of any industry I feel.

What do you guys feel – Should Article 370 be repealed?

Meanwhile Modi is continuing with its hit and run policy. He hits, strikes and runs away giving the opposition food for thought. In this way he is setting the agenda for this election. Congress spokespersons in trying to outdo each other and gain marks with Rahul are pouncing upon his call for debate only to help him. This way Congress is falling into Modi’s trap and not speaking about NREGA, FSB its pet election planks.