As per an average of exit polls conducted by 5 agencies for news channels (C-Voter, CSDS, Today’s Chanakya, Nielsen & ORG) BJP is set to retain Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh while it is expected to snatch Rajasthan and Delhi from Congress. This makes it 4-0 for BJP and is in line with pre-poll projections carried out by Politicalbaaba in Aug.-Sep. period.

Aam Aadmi Party is expected to put up a spirited fight in Delhi and get same no. of seats as Congress. Today’s Chanayaka infact expects it to emerge as single largest party and get 31 seats. If averages are correct then instead of BJP, AAP is actually cutting into votes of Congress.


MP and Chhatisargh are expected to be retained on account of development by Shivraj S. Chouhan and Raman Singh while Rajasthan is seen following the trend where every five years govt. is changed there. BJP will claim…

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