BJP in striking distance of majority: Contributed by Mayank Tayal (UK)

Mayank Tayal, a good friend and avid reader of the blog has shared his projections for next Lok Sabha elections. According to him, BJP / NDA is expected to get 263 seats riding on Modi’s popularity while Congress is expected to fall below the 100 mark. BJP is expected to do well in UP (45), Bihar / Gujarat / Rajasthan (22 each), MP (25) and Maharashtra (30). Link below:

Mayank Tayal is a IITian, INSEADer, currently working as a Oil & Gas Professional in United Kingdom. He has a very keen interest in politics and is a Non Resident Indian. It is very heartening to see Indians settled abroad showing great enthusiasm for Indian elections to be held next year. Approx. 50% of my blog readers are from outside of India and I have received tremendous support from them.

With this Politicalbaaba starts publishing a series of contributions from readers. Mayank many thanks for this. Anyone who is interested to write / post on Indian politics / elections is welcome to share.

To recall, Politicalbaaba projects 205 seats for NDA and 128 seats for Congress / UPA. Link below.



8 thoughts on “BJP in striking distance of majority: Contributed by Mayank Tayal (UK)

      1. I think the BJP tally will go lower to 200 or even in the 190s and the Congress tally will go below 100 because yesterday most of the news channels reported that AAP is planning to contest 200-250 seats in 2014 polls


  1. the numbers in my prediction chart are for present day NDA (BJP + SAD + SS) & not BJP only..
    i was projecting around 230 before the assembly election results but i’m sure, this number has to bump up now especially with pro-modi wave in the cow-belt confirmed.


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