The results to the 4 elections in the states were declared on Sunday and the BJP trounced Congress in all the 4 states. While it got absolute majority in Rajasthan, Chhatitsgarh and Madhya Pradesh, BJP emerged as the single largest party in the Delhi. The results were broadly in line with pre-poll projections carried out by Politicalbaaba (PB) in the blog during Aug-Sep 2013 period.

Rajasthan (200 seats) : PB nos. were spot on in Rajasthan where BJP got 162 vs 150 projected. It is noted that none of the opinion polls projected such a huge victory for BJP in the state. Link of projections on blog below:



  Politicalbaaba Actual
BJP 150 162
Congress 40 21
Others 10 17

Madhya Pradesh (230 seats): While BJP won Madhya Pradesh handsomely, the results were much better than PB projections (165 vs 125). Infighting in Congress between Digvijay Singh and Jyotiraditya…

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