Congress was trounced in all 4 state assembly elections (touted as semi-finals to Lok Sabha). It did win the small state of Mizoram (but this has no impact on national politics). Out of the 4 states, Congress was in power in Delhi (15 yrs) and Rajasthan (5 yrs) while BJP was in power in MP and Chhattisgarh (10 years each). While BJP retained MP and Chhattisgarh, it snatched Rajasthan away from Congress and emerged as single largest party in Delhi (but for AAP would have formed govt. here as well).



Congress was literally raped in the state. It won only 23 seats (-73) while BJP won 162 seats (+84). So what are the reasons attributable to Congress loss?

(i)                  Strong anti-incumbency against State as well Central govt. which is embroiled in scams, corruption charges and responsible for high inflation, economic slowdown

(ii)                Historically state overthrows incumbent govt. every 5…

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