Elections are due in early 2014. UPA government has been in power for two consecutive terms and will seek a re-election. NDA is sniffing an opportunity because of the various scams during UPA regime and high / persistent inflation. Regional satraps are also trying to roll out a Third Front.

While BJP (largest party in NDA) has declared Narendra Modi (NaMo) as its PM candidate; Congress (largest party in UPA) is being unofficially led by Rahul Gandhi (RaGa / Baba), member of Gandhi scion. Powerful state politicians like Mulayam, Maya, Nitish, Mamta, Jaya also have prime ministerial ambitions.

The 2014 elections are expected to be nail biting with a clash of personalities (NaMo vs Baba). Its important for all of us to get a stable government voted to power. An unstable government will impact India’s image, economic prospects and credit rating which will have far reaching implications.

So it’s…

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