Its a historic day today, Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party is all set to take oath as Chief Minister of Delhi against all odds. The relatively new party born out of Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption (IAC) Movement emerged as the 2nd largest party in state elections by bagging 28 seats, much to the surprise of many (even Politicalbaaba had predicted only 10 seats for AAP). Congress with 8 MLAs is providing outside support. A lot of hue and cry has been made out of this fact as AAP had fought a bitter battle against Congress in the elections and Kejriwal had defeated CM Shiela Dixit of Congress. Firstly, AAP didn’t ask Congress for support. They themselves ran to the Governor and provided a letter of support to prevent BJP from forming government. Secondly, AAP voters support the decision as evidenced in referendum carried out by AAP and also visible in poll results conducted by Politicalbaaba. Link Below:

The occasion is symbolic of the power of common man. If pushed to the corner, it can overthrow most powerful of political class. Aam aadmi is fascinated by the innovative methods of AAP & Kejriwal and feels part of the system to provide governance. Common man was so fed up of corrupt parties that it decided to give a chance to somebody from their class to run and govern the state. It was as if Aam aadmi accepted the challenge that we can also run governments and perhaps in a much better way. We don’t have experience but we have vision / mission & honest intentions.


The day is of celebration, celebration of power of people, power of democracy. All the best to Kejriwal & his team. Do good work. Engage in positive politics, leave negativity, show grace and try to fulfill promises. At least try to get something done in Delhi, this would provide a good base for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The party is already setting new trends in Indian politics – no horse trading, no security for CM / Ministers, no bunglows, door to door campaigning, transparent funding etc. etc. Political parties already taking a cue out of AAP’s leaf and will try to copy some of these. Hope this ushers in a new brand of politics.

The venue is also symbolic – Ramlila Grounds – place where the IAC movement started. People from all over the country have gathered. The occasion will serve as a “HUNKAR” to entire political class & pundits. Don’t write off AAP, don’t take them lightly, AAM AADMI has arrived to take reins of his destiny…..

Whether they can do it or not, only time will tell.  I have been a critic of AAP & still do not agree with a host of their things. But they deserve a chance…. All the Best!