Modi gets emotional after clean chit in Gujarat Riots Case. Criticism won’t stop, But Who Cares?



Zakia Jafri had filed a review petition in Ahmadabad sessions court against clean chit to Modi by Supreme Court appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT). The court rejected Zakia’s appeal plea. She has vowed to continue to fight. It may be recalled that Zakia is wife of former Congress MP Ehsan Zafri who was among the 69 killed in Gulbarg society massacre during 2002 Gujarat riots. She accuses Modi of conspiracy & colluding with senior police officials / bureaucrats to facilitate communal violence in the state.

Congress, Left & other opposition parties have constantly criticized Modi for not handling well the riot situation and acting as a conspirator to the riots. Even USA has denied visa to Modi on this account. BJP has accused NGOs, Zakia & others of playing into Congress hands and maintained Modi performed his duties well. Congress has demanded apology which BJP has dismissed.

Against, this…

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5 thoughts on “Modi gets emotional after clean chit in Gujarat Riots Case. Criticism won’t stop, But Who Cares?

  1. Zakia believes modi ji is resposible for her husband’s death which is not true. It was comman ppl anger which killed her husband. Zakia doing her duties as a dutiful wife, fighting for her husband. Burning ppl live in train which is worst nightmare one cannot think! Modi ji being a strong man he could face all sorts of pressure n finally overcame out of it.Great!


    1. Even after this regret if people don’t let if off their minds, then those voters are not the target voters for BJP. If that is a large section, he might not get what he is dreaming of. Day by day IMHO that number is shrinking.


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