The political landscape in India witnessed regular upheavals in 2013 – scams, scandals, alliances broken, new alliances made, state elections, disruptions in parliament etc. etc. But two events changed the entire picture – anointment of Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate of principal opposition party (Bhartiya Janata Party) & appointment of aam aadmi Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi.


Anointment of Modi amidst a weak UPA government led to a hysteria and wave throughout the country. He held massive rallies (>1 lakh attendance) throughout the country and even in bastions where BJP has marginal presence (Tamil Nadu / Andhra Pradesh / Kerala). In all surveys he emerged as the no. 1 choice of PM. Even international investor community backed him to change the fate of India. He led BJP to a stunning win in 3 crucial state elections – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh and helped BJP emerge…

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