Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh (MMS) held a press conference on 3rd Jan. 2013. It was his only 3rd presser in 10 years of tenure. And Congress criticizes Modi for not speaking to media. He is not a PM yet! So no obligation. Anyways! Lets move ahead.


Before taking questions PM listed the many achievements of his government, prominently economic growth of 9% in his 9 years at the helm (highest in India’s history). He attributed the recent decline to 5% levels to Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Eurozone crisis. True these events have impacted growth, in a similar manner stupendous growth during UPA I (2004-09) was thanks to economic recovery after the 9/11 attack on USA (2002). So it works both ways. He himself used the word “sudden” growth in UPA I, which shows that it was not all due to UPA policies.

He also highlighted the “National Rural…

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