BJP was on a roller coaster ride after anointment of Modi as its PM candidate. He was holding big rallies, drawing huge crowds and topping charts in all surveys. He led BJP to emphatic win in the state assembly elections in Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh which account for 65 Lok Sabha seats. In Delhi though it emerged as the single largest party, lost govt. formation chance to Aam Aadmi Party. Past month or so AAP has caught attention of entire media and thousands of people are joining the party. It has also declared its intentions to stand in 400 Lok Sabha seats.

The entry of AAP seemed to change the scene for BJP at national elections. Questions were raised as to will Aam Aadmi Party ruin BJP’s chances? Will it dent Congress more or BJP more?

The revised projections are out for NDA (BJP + Shiv Sena + Akali…

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