One More Election in Bihar: Contributed by Prakash Prabhakar

The serial blasts at Patna are now a matter of investigation & ideally shouldn’t be discussed in public domain until the professional agencies have finished their job. I think it is wise to get back to analysing what was spoken at the Hunkaar here are my thoughts…

The speech of Narendra Modi at Patna was emotionally charged & arousing with a massive connect with the audience at Gandhi maidan. As expected, he didn’t make too many references to Rahul Gandhi and systemically went about debunking Nitish Kumar & Congress, including their hobnobbing for possible alliance…

Indeed Bihar has given Bhagwaan Budh, Mahavir, Guru Gobind Singh, Gandhiji’s Champaran, and JP etc..Bihar has also given a lot of Bihari labor that migrates to various parts of the country including Gujarat in search of employment. Even NaMo in one of his earlier public mentions had said – “we import poverty from all over India” & cited the migration of Bihari labor to Gujarat as an evidence for it…

His Hunkaar rally focused a lot on self-respect, poverty & made a massive appeal to the people to vote BJP in at all 40 seats…It is a perfectly made call and I hope people respond to his call. However, in all fairness, NaMo needs to answer these 3 questions after what he spoke at the rally:

a) why didn’t a single large business house (particularly from the prosperous state of Gujarat) invest in the economic opportunity of Bihar while BJP & JD (U) were governing together and law & order was restored in the state. This question becomes more pertinent after his claim that he held the purpose of Bihar higher than his personal stature in the political equations of the state.

b) What does NaMo mean when he says, he is very concerned about the Yadav, Laloo Prasad and his well being as he comes from Dwarka, the kingdom of Lord Krishna, the Yadav. And then adds Casteism kills The Republic…this question can be ignored as unfortunately, politics still is largely influenced by caste equations, even more in Bihar.

c) Finally, a historical fact – Sikander (corrected Napoleon) wasn’t defeated; he returned as his own foot soldiers were tired and home sick. They stopped relating to the purpose of their General and thus refused to move any further in the march…

NaMo has succeeded in emerging as the symbol of spirit for maximum good to nation; without this patriotic purpose, he is nothing but another public figure who speaks better than most others do. He needs to reckon this more so now than ever before. And his speeches must now start to balance between rhetoric & substance. Hunkaar on Rhetoric was a perfect 10 but it failed to put together or show any road map for prosperity in Bihar. Rajnath Singh ji’s suggestion than there will be farm loans at Zero percent is an assurance which is fraught with such economic errors that it scores more on rhetoric than prosperity roadmap. It is pertinent to mention that The Gujarat Model of development is not replicable in Bihar because of the limitation of preparedness that Bihar has in adopting that model.

Having said this, all points that NaMo made about social, economic & political lapses are extremely important and valid points that need to be raised and asked in public forums. Which he brilliantly does at every single rally.

I write this as I too have grown amidst the challenging poverty of Bihar and my heart bled when I recently visited Bihar and realized that after 25 years, time was like a still there – no change except in the number of sad & tired faces on the road. And yes, speaking about opportunism – that has, unfortunately, become a political culture or even a national culture. Truth be told, there were opportunists sharing the dais with NaMo today at Hunkaar. Those who refuse to be opportunists are, unfortunately, broken down by the system, mauled and then ridiculed.

Its time Bihar got its share of economic & social dividend in lieu of the political contributions that it has made to India across centuries. I hope that NaMo will not forget his emotionally charged assurance to reciprocate the love he experienced at Gandhi Maidan today on the 27th of October 2013. This reciprocation should be irrespective of whether he gets all 40 or none. By the way I was amongst the early ones (as early as last year) who had expressed that Bihar is waiting to be taken by a new political formation and anyone can come and sweep it for 28 to 30 seats…with new set of promises – promises, that will, hopefully, be fulfilled this time.


One thought on “One More Election in Bihar: Contributed by Prakash Prabhakar

  1. Amitabhji Thank you for this narrative. #Hunkaar Rally itself can be classified as an Epic. I hope Modiji keeps his promise to change Bihar. He should change Bihar’s status after coming to power. Wonderful read.


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