Nitish babu is in a bad mood nowadays. Ever since he broke alliance with BJP, “shani” is looming large over his fortunes. Bodh gaya blasts, death of children in midday meal scheme and rebellion in party all this has flustered him. On top of this NaMo wave is gripping the state and Janata Dal (United) is being relegated to the third spot even behind fodder scam convicted Lalu in surveys.

What made Nitish dump BJP?

His uneasiness with Modi’s appointment as Election Campaign Chief and perhaps jealousy forced him to dump BJP. How could he see his peer CM become Prime Ministerial face of NDA! But he is an astute politician and he definitely would have understood the arithmetic that the decision could prove counter-productive. JDU along with BJP sweeped the state in 2009 Lok Sabha Elections bagging 32 out of 40 seats (20 JDU + 12 BJP).

First of…

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