We have completed the All India Projections including detailed projections for BJP / NDA, Congress / UPA and Aam Aadmi Party.

Lok Sabha 2014 elections is expected to throw a hung house with BJP led NDA leading the pack with 220 seats, followed by Congress led UPA at 100 seats. Others (including Left & regional parties) are expected to bag 220 seats as per Politicalbaaba projections. They will hold the keys to govt. formation at the center.

We have also seen which regional parties would support UPA & NDA post polls under the post named “What will be the strategy of regional parties post polls?”.

So the million dollar question is who will form the govt. in May 2014?

I. BJP led NDA (probability 80%)

NDA under Modi is expected to bag 220 seats. Including Telugu Desam Party with which it is expected to have a pre-poll alliance, NDA would…

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