Kejri Baba announced at a rally in Bangalore yesterday that party has decided that he should fight against Modi from Varanasi. The cameras interestingly were focusing only on Kejri and not showing rally footage, probably because of low turnout (last heard 1,500). How much did Kejri pay media wallahs to hide the rally strength. Anybody? The low sound of claps and cheers indicated rally was a flop. Kejri in his usual hit and run style continued his tirade against Modi. Ambani is running the country and he keeps Rahul in left pocket & Modi in right. Same old ghisapita story. Negative politics, so what how will you change this, no answers.

Looking fresh & happy from a dinner where 200 corporate guests paid Rs. 20,000 per seat and AAP collected Rs. 40 lakhs, Kejri then threw a googly. He said that he will hold a grand rally in Varansai on…

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