Senior congress leaders are shying from contesting Lok Sabha polls for fear of loss.They are clearly seeing the writing on the wall. People don’t want their deposits to be forfeited as it will put them in bad light. Most of them are already preparing for next Lok Sabha elections in 2019 or planning to rock the boat and join BJP. Exodus already started. Things have come to such a pass that it is highly likely that the party may finish with less than 100 seats. It is banking on AAP to cut into BJP votes but as seen in Delhi state elections, it will actually cut into Congress votes. If AAP does really well (40-50 seats), Congress would struggle to score a fifty. And yuvraj says party will get 200 seats, even Congress leaders laughing behind his back and asking what did he smoke?


Source: http://www.mysay.in

Manish Tewarie the pheku…

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