History of Elections: 4th Lok Sabha (1967)


The 4th Lok Sabha elections were held in 1967. 7 national parties and 18 state parties along with independents fought for 520 constituencies.  Indira Gandhi led the Congress into the elections. After Nehru led Congress to a resounding victory in 1962 poll,s he died of a heart attack in 1964. He was succeeded by Lal Bahadur Shastri as 2nd PM of India.  Shahstri died under mysterious circumstances in Tashkent in 1966. He was succeeded by Indira Gandhi (Nehru’s daughter) as PM. She won a fierce internal battle with Morarji Desai for the post.

Though Congress came back to power with 283 seats, it barely got majority (+22) due to internal fighting within the party. Swatantra Party emerged as the 2nd largest party (+26 seats) while Bhartiya Jan Sangh emerged as the 3rd largest party (+21 seats). The Praja Socialist Party suffered a split with a section (led by George Fernandes) forming…

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